Sociology students interview alumna for BCC Oral History Project

Two  students in a Spring Semester Sociology class with Professor Colin Adams wanted their final project to be an oral history interview.   We met and decided that a nursing alumna would be the ideal candidate for this oral history.  First, it would be useful because the interview would become part of the BCC Oral History Project; and second, the students were both interested in nursing as a possible career.

One student helped with the interview and the other helped with the video camera, and in their final assignment for class, they wrote about what they learned.  The key to an academically meaningful experience is connecting the oral history work with the course content and concepts.  We want to make that happen!

The interview, with alumna Meredith Patton, will be a part of the BCC Oral History Project, and will be safely housed in an online archive at the University of Massachusetts.

Also, look for it here in the coming weeks.


This semester, Fall, 2017, another Sociology student from Colin Adams’ class participated in a NAACP Oral History Project interview as a part of her final project.

Written by Judith

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