Oral History Summer School features event with Rikers Public Memory Project and Survivors Voices


Are you looking for something to watch/listen to Friday evening?

Friday evening event, online. 
Tomorrow (Friday, June 11), OHSS presents a conversation between Sarita Daftary of the Rikers Public Memory Project & Alisa Del Tufo of Survivors Voices: Women of Bedford Hills Correctional Facility. Learn more about these two projects and how oral history can change the social narrative on crime, punishment and repair.

Friday, June 11
6 PM – 8 PM EDT
Register here.

About the projects:
The Rikers Public Memory Project: A Community Truth and Healing Process is a community-based, participatory initiative through which our collective stories about the impact of Rikers are activated to envision a more just NYC. The project is an outgrowth of an ongoing partnership between Freedom Agenda, Create Forward, and the Humanities Action Lab, who, together, sought to think through the ways that the process of collectively remembering can be used as a strategic organizing tool in the movement to close Rikers Island.

Survivors Voices: Women of Bedford Hills Correctional Facility:
This initiative is a collaboration of oral historians, students and women who are formerly /currently incarcerated to share their experiences of intimate partner violence, system failures and the harsh punishments they received from courts. This project looks back to hearings held in 1985 at this maximum security prison that showed the magnitude of the traumas and system failures these women experienced and the injustices of the criminal legal system once they used violence to defend themselves. The project also examines the lives of abused women now and asks what has and has not changed and what can we do about that.

Sarita Daftary is an organizer with over fifteen years of experience supporting people and communities to exercise self-determination. Her experience includes previous roles as a Senior Community Organizer with JLUSA, as the director of the Green Light District at El Puente in Williamsburg, and the East New York Farms! (ENYF) Project Director at United Community Centers. As a co-director of Freedom Agenda, Sarita has been among a group of core partners working on the Rikers Public Memory Project, along with CreateFordward and the Humanities Action Lab.

Alisa Del Tufo has worked at the intersection of personal and social change for over three decades by partnering with individuals and communities to surface the voices of those who are marginalized and whose insights and experiences are ignored. Using oral history, narrative and other participatory forms of engagement her work has focused on gender and racial justice. Alisa will present her thoughts and questions about Survivor Voices, a project in formation.



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Written by Judith