Massachusetts state grant for preserving veteran heritage, including oral history

The State Historic Records Advisory Board (SHRAB) just announced a grant for preserving veteran’s heritage.
Municipalities, libraries, schools, and nonprofits in Massachusetts are eligible to apply for up to $20,000 to fund monuments and memorials, conservation, oral history projects, or archival projects relating to Veterans’ history.

While projects do need to be related to Veteran’s heritage, the SHRAB is eager to see a wide variety of institutions apply and an inclusive definition of what constitutes monuments, memorials, and veterans’ history.  Matching funds are required; this requirement can be met with volunteer hours (valued at $32.96 per hour in Massachusetts). Since the Roving Archivist Program provided a professional assessment of your archival program and is familiar with your site, we are happy to help explore potential veteran’s grant projects within your collection and mission.

See more eligibility details here and the application here. Applications are due April 9. To increase application success, the SHRAB is making itself available to review applications and provide feedback before the final submission is made.
The Housatonic Heritage Oral History Center at Berkshire Community College will be happy to help historical societies and other organizations with proposals that are related to safe archiving of veteran oral histories.

Written by Judith