Tyringham UBU Theater

Community based theater producer and director Ann Gallo decided to write and direct a play based on 32 oral histories that she gathered.  These are Women of Tyringham, and that is the name of the play that came out of her work with co-writer Rachel Urquhart.  The Oral History Center was a partner in this project (a small technical assistance grant that helped with the writing) and continues to advise as Ann gets materials ready for the archives


Ann Gallo, UBU Theater
This podcast is a conversation between Ann Gallo, Director of UBU Theater in Tyringham, Massachusetts, and Judith Monachina, Director of the Housatonic Heritage Oral History Center at Berkshire Community College.  They talk about Ann’s work in community based theater, in particular about a play she co-wrote, with Rachel Uruquart, and which she directed, Women of Tyringham.  It is based on oral history interviews, and it is verbatim theater.  Here we listen to the process that Ann used to create this theater piece based on interviews with Women of Tyringham.