The NAACP project

By / 7:56 pm

(Maggie Adams, former President, NAACP Berkshire Chapter) The Oral History Center at Berkshire community college is working with the NAACP to set up their oral history project.  Many decisions are being made.  Do they want audio or video?  Who are the stewards inside the organization?  Whom do they want to interview and what is the… Read more

The Monterey Public Library project

By / 9:23 pm

Also, the Monterey Library, is well on their way, with 30 plus interviews already done!  Intern Joe Makuc is seen here transcribing an interview.  Joe discovered that O Transcribe helped him to speed up the transcription process.  Joe, working with Wendy Germain of Monterey, who heads the project, is seen here working at Community Television… Read more

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