Tyringham Oral Histories now available through Digital Commonwealth

We are so pleased to announce that the oral history collection from Tyringham is now online and available for you to listen.

There are many people to thank for this, but let’s start with Ann Gallo, who saw a box of tapes and wondered what they were.  She set out to digital copy each one of them, and did all the steps necessary to get them ready for the Digital Commonwealth team to put them into their digital archive.

Some of these interviews were conducted years ago by other Tyringham residents, and these recordings are precious. We must thank those interviewers too!

Ann, seeing that there were not many women’s stories in the collection, decided to interview women.

Thirty-two interviews later, Ann set out to co-write a play, in a form referred to as verbatim theater: She used only the words of the narrators..  The play, Women of Tyringham, was performed two summers ago.  Ann is a community based theater producer and director.

♦Here is a link to an interview with Ann about that work of community based theater and Women of Tyringham.  Look for Ann Gallo: under People and Their Work 

♦Here is a link to those Tyringham stories, now safe and available to you through the Digital Commonwealth.  Tyringham Oral History.

♦Thank you to the team at the Digital Commonwealth for walking Ann through the steps to get these interviews ready.

Written by Judith