CTSB, Community Television for Southern Berkshires, airs Tom Wojtkowski interview

Thank you to Erica Spizz and Steven Borns at Community Television for the Southern Berkshires (CTSB).
They are helping us tell our stories, including this one.

Tom Wojtkowski was co-sponsor of the bill in the Massachusetts legislature that created the state’s community college system.  Berkshire Community College was the first.

CTSB aired the interview we had with him and posted it on their You Tube site as well.   This link brings you to the full oral history interview, minus some seconds at the beginning, getting settled, etc.

Tom Wojtowski interview posted by CTSB, community television



We are preparing the BCC Oral History Project interviews for the Digital Commonwealth archive.

Meanwhile, the other interviews for the BCC Oral History Project can be found here on our Projects page:


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Written by Judith