West Side Legends host virtual story circle

The group hoped to host an actual, in-person event at the Lichtenstein Arts Center in Pittsfield, but concern about the Covid numbers led to a change of mind. They decided to host their first story circle on Zoom.  They will host a series of circles, with different sub topics (Red Lining, Urban Renewal and more) and an overarching theme of living on the West Side.  The last circle focused on everyday life in the neighborhood before Urban Renewal, the project that eliminated large swaths of the West Side in the 1960’s, including housing, businesses, and even the train station.  Participants shared memories of living on the West Side in the 60’s and earlier.

The group’s organizers are working with a media/film professional to make a slide show/video based on this story circle, and they will show it during a live event in June.

We are providing some support for this project.

And we will watch to learn from their model of story circles.




Written by Judith