University of Massachusetts and University of Connecticut archiving partners with the Oral History Center

Archiving Partner, University of Massachusetts Amherst

Since the opening of the Oral History Center the the University of Massachusetts Libraries Special Collections has worked with us to make our oral history practice truly sustainable. They have done so by working with us to take the oral history collections of our region, who work through the Oral History Center, to safely store, archive, and make  the work available online. They took the worry out of collecting by agreeing to keep digital formats updated and our oral history records safe.   Rob Cox and his team at UMass made the process completely easy and approachable.  Now, with the passing of Rob, whom we miss terribly, we are fortunate to continue to work with his team, and in particular with his colleague Aaron Rubinstein.

Now University of Connecticut, too

Now the Connecticut Digital Archive (CTDA), a program supported by the University of Connecticut Library, has offered to serve as a repository for the Connecticut based organizations that work with us.
University of Massachusetts will still serve as the primary archive for the Oral History Center projects and those of our partners, including Connecticut based organizations. In other words, the collections associated with the Center will be kept in one place.
And now, the CTDA invites Connecticut based groups to archive their work in Connecticut based repository as well.  We at the Oral History Center will facilitate this process.

We are fortunate to work with these two great institutions.

Written by Judith