A friend and an ally, Rob Cox

In memory of Rob Cox, Head of the Special Collections and University Archives (SCUA) at the University of Massachusetts Library

Rob Cox died earlier this week.  We are very sad to lose such a friend and ally.

Rob was an important person in the development of our Center.  He helped our then new Oral History Center to “gain its legs,” by providing a collaboration with the University of Massachusetts Libraries Special Collections.  Thanks to Rob, the NAACP Oral History project and many of the Monterey Library’s oral histories are archived there and online. He was kind and patient, and showed easy enthusiasm for local history and oral history.  In fact, among his many accomplishments, Rob oversaw a 150-interview oral history of UMass in its 150th year.  He gave me suggestions on the new BCC Oral History Project, including the admonition to be sure to interview various employees, not just the big shots.

Rob managed ambitious projects. Even so, he came out to the Berkshires twice, once to present a workshop on archives at an Oral History Symposium at BCC South County Center, and he quickly befriended several participants.  He was generous.

We look forward to working with the Libraries Special Collections, thanks to the foundation Rob has given to us.  Even in his last emails to us, he was helpful. We will miss you, Rob.




Written by Judith