Podcasts and other inspirations



Vivian Enchill, BCC Alumna.  Above, a link to an interview with Vivian, who was interviewed as part of the ACCENTS project of the Berkshire Eagle.  We were fortunate to work with the journalist who created this podcast series – he taught a workshop for practitioners of oral history in the Berkshires and NW Connecticut.

Our Workshops

When we first opened our Center here at BCC, Mark Mills, Bloomberg Radio journalist, who also does podcasts for the Berkshire Eagle, taught our Oral History Center interns about podcasting.

During that first summer, Rachel Levin and Chanel Palmer, Williams College interns at the Housatonic Heritage Oral History Center at BCC, interviewed Margaret Cherin, Archivist at Bard College at Simon’s Rock.

Here is the interview conducted by students Rachel and Chanel, with Margaret Cherin, College Archivist, and her student Molly McGowan, who discuss their Oral History Project and share what they learned along the way.


Then, early Summer, 2019, Reinout van Wagtendonk, below, 40-year radio journalist and podcaster, presented workshops on Making a Podcast, for the Housatonic Heritage Oral History Center at BCC, on the Main Campus. Reinout has worked as a professional journalist for Dutch radio. His workshop gave us the essentials, and we were off and running.


Here is a link to another podcast in a series Reinout created for The Berkshire Eagle, with Viktoria Seavey, now a life coach, originally from Hungary.

Soon, we will populate this page with links to oral history related podcasts, including one or two from the workshop.



A FEW OTHER PODCASTS (we will add more!)

National Park Service

Here is a link to the Studs Terkel Radio Archives

LSU Harry T. Williams Center for Oral History

American Social History Project Podcast

A link to Digital Omnium, Survey of Oral History Podcasts (The Louis B. Nunn Center for Oral History, University of Kentucky Libraries, including their own, The Wisdom Project


Listen to past Oral History Association president Annie Valk talk about the evolution of oral history practice, via podcast at the Center for Oral History Presents


And here is one from National Public Radio, The Hidden Brain: