The Center and Alliance

We help people carry out their projects, often by connecting them with others who are doing similar work.


We are building a community oral history resource center at BCC, and outfitting the office with some equipment necessary for digitizing files and doing classroom and community based oral history recordings.


The Housatonic Heritage Oral History Alliance, launched at the May, 2017, Oral History Symposium at BCC,  is comprised of local people engaged in various types of oral history projects.  People doing oral history have ideas, skills and experience to share, and our goal is to help them to meet each other to get inspiration and support to carry out their projects.

We host workshops on various oral history related topics.  Please sign up on this site to receive updates about our workshops and events and to learn about when our Resources page is up.

Please call Judith Monachina, Director, at 236-1025, to learn more about the Center and the Alliance.